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White's Farm Authentic Salami can be found in specialty retail locations in Maine and Massachusetts.
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  1. One Pound  $25.00
    One Pound $25.00
  2. One Half Pound $12.50
    One Half Pound $12.50
  3. One Third Pound $8.25
    One Third Pound $8.25
  1. Soppressata
    Our classic all pork soppressata is a perfect balance of spices, including whole black peppercorn.
  2. Honey Peel
    Honey Peel
    This all pork salami is accented with dried orange peel and a touch of honey.
  3. Summer Sausage
    Summer Sausage
    Pork, beef and bacon equals, smokey perfection.
  4. Chorizo
    All pork sausage with just enough red pepper to give it color and a kick.