Today most commercial farmers raise pigs inside barns where they are fed grain and given antibiotics and hormones or drugs to speed growth. Our pigs are raised outdoors. They roam and root on 120 acres of farm land without drugs, hormones or antibiotics. Our natural pork is much better tasting and better for your health.
 We make 5 different types of all natural, nitrate free salami.  The pork is grown on White's Farm. We make the salami ourselves with family recipes at Smith's Log Smokehouse in Monroe.  The spices are 100% organic. If you are looking for local, New England authentic salami, this is it.
We create unique wooden objects. Each piece is hand made from wood found on White's Farm . View a gallery of hand turned bowls, platters, jewelry, boxes, and toys; also cutting boards, wooden spoons, cooking utensils and furniture.  Custom orders available.  
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